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  • me: i’m home alone i can do anything i want
  • me: no one will ever know
  • me: 
  • me: *plays korean songs full volume*
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Hey everyone~ Happy Easter! While at church or at dinner eating a leg of the lamb, please give a little prayer for korea. They need a lot of prayers to get through tonight and even the harder nights ahead. Be blessed.

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I’m not going to be updating for a while until I know that the people of South Korea are alright. It doesn’t feel right for me to reblog and put up k-pop stuff while the people of South Korea are going through so much pain. Let’s keep praying and hope they get the remaining people out.

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thank u zico

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chanyeols face says cuddle but his voice screams out sex.

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I was eating with my friend and her boyfriend. I notice something in her hair and i was like “aye, there is something in your hair girl” and she was like “oh can you get it out fo me?” I leaned in


….i smell shit coming from her hair and i saw a piece of shit in her hair. 

Long story short. Her boyfriend has a fetish of feces.



Fuuuuuuuck lmfao.

Photo 17 Apr 3 notes 2ne1 on the May cover of Nylon magazine :)
#Cl #Minzy #Dara #Bom #2ne1 #Kpop

2ne1 on the May cover of Nylon magazine :)
#Cl #Minzy #Dara #Bom #2ne1 #Kpop

Text 17 Apr 433 notes Captain of Sewol ship apologizes to passengers and victims’ families



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apologizing isn’t going to bring those people back! What a selfish thing to do! I am very saddened.
Text 16 Apr 1 note Prayers for the people that died and for those unaccounted for during the Ferry shipwreck in South Korea.

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